Saturday, June 23, 2012

An update from our private suite ;)

In our private room, before our first sleepover last night :)

We survived our first night caring for Clay all by ourselves! I would say things went very well. We watched a little TV and played for a while, then we gave him a good bath & got him all fresh and clean, then he fell asleep about 10pm...and he's still asleep right now as I write this blog (it's after 10am!). I think the boy likes his sleep ;)

This momma, on the other hand, got maybe 3 hours of sleep through the night. When I wasn't giving meds, changing diapers, adding water to his humidifier & making sure his milk didn't run dry, I was up all night thinking about it...but I feel very accomplished and happy with how things went. I know one thing, it's gonna make it a lot easier when we get on a good schedule and have things organized and in their spots at home. I'm even more excited about it now!

I know lots of y'all were looking for an update, so I figured I'd let ya know we survived! :) Keep on sending those good vibes & prayers, my friends. You all are amazing & we thank you so much for standing by us..

Love & Peace to you all!!

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