Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Clay goes to school!

It's been a year...yet again...since I've sat down to update this blog. We now have a little 4 year old man with NO trach, a head full of beautiful hair, and all kinds of spunk.

He has progressed so much since his trach decannulation in June. He talks and talks and talks all. the. time. Lol. He just seems to have so much more's great. We decided to wait and see if his trach stoma would close up on its own after didnt.. So we had the revision done about a month ago and it's healed up so nicely!  Now we are officially DONE with the trach saga. It's crazy ain't it? How something can be such an integral part of every day life but after we got rid of the ol' thing we've hardly thought about trach changes, trach care or suction machines since. HALLELUJAH!

Now we're on to big boy SCHOOL! Omg..I'm really having a hard time processing this. His first day is tomorrow! We're starting out slowly..2 hours, 2 times a week.. He's a bit anxious about it but we've really been talking it up and I know he will love it once he gives it a chance. I really feel like he needs the social interaction and the time away from me to help build up his confidence and independence even more. He will do great, I know.

One thing that does worry me is the germs and the crud-catching that comes along with school. A regular ol' cold for a regular kiddo can really take a toll on Claybug..we found that out at the beginning of the year when he caught RSV and we spent a couple of weeks in the hospital and back on the ventilator. I really, realllllly hope nothing hits him that hard this's a different ballgame without the trach and the "easy" access for extra help. Fingers crossed we can sail through the season unscathed.

I feel like there's so much more to update on but that's all I'm getting to tonight. Gotta get ready for our big day tomorrow!!! 

Peace and love, dear friends!