Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Clay goes to school!

It's been a year...yet again...since I've sat down to update this blog. We now have a little 4 year old man with NO trach, a head full of beautiful hair, and all kinds of spunk.

He has progressed so much since his trach decannulation in June. He talks and talks and talks all. the. time. Lol. He just seems to have so much more's great. We decided to wait and see if his trach stoma would close up on its own after didnt.. So we had the revision done about a month ago and it's healed up so nicely!  Now we are officially DONE with the trach saga. It's crazy ain't it? How something can be such an integral part of every day life but after we got rid of the ol' thing we've hardly thought about trach changes, trach care or suction machines since. HALLELUJAH!

Now we're on to big boy SCHOOL! Omg..I'm really having a hard time processing this. His first day is tomorrow! We're starting out slowly..2 hours, 2 times a week.. He's a bit anxious about it but we've really been talking it up and I know he will love it once he gives it a chance. I really feel like he needs the social interaction and the time away from me to help build up his confidence and independence even more. He will do great, I know.

One thing that does worry me is the germs and the crud-catching that comes along with school. A regular ol' cold for a regular kiddo can really take a toll on Claybug..we found that out at the beginning of the year when he caught RSV and we spent a couple of weeks in the hospital and back on the ventilator. I really, realllllly hope nothing hits him that hard this's a different ballgame without the trach and the "easy" access for extra help. Fingers crossed we can sail through the season unscathed.

I feel like there's so much more to update on but that's all I'm getting to tonight. Gotta get ready for our big day tomorrow!!! 

Peace and love, dear friends!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, Clay!

Clay-bug is three years old! My goodness, where does time go?!

So much great progression in the past year. Clay did lots of catching up and growing and learning and exploring this year.
-First of all...We had NO major illnesses or surgeries or hospital stays! NONE! Praise the Lord.
-He's up to 32 lbs now, which is almost 10 lbs more than he weighed last year! He's 3 feet tall, too. He just looks so grown up these days.
Plugging his trach to say, "Cheeeese" :)

-Clay started walking all on his own in March and continues to get so much stronger (and confident!). I'm just so proud of him.

-We took a family vacation in May to Tennessee, then a week later we left to visit family in Cape Cod, then we stopped by Nelsonville Music Festival on our way back home. It was such a great trip! Clay had a blast getting to see & do so many new things & we he got to meet new family... he still talks about riding the choo-choo at Dollywood...and he talks about Nanny, and the ocean and Sandy's big dog, and his cousin Le-bi (Levi), lol. We had a great time.

One of Clay's favorite things: riding the Trolly in Tennesee with Nan & Papaw

On the beach in Cape Cod (it was cold!)
 -We played lots and lots of volleyball this summer, and Clay loooooved that too. Our friends are great entertainment and Clay will keep them busy fetching balls as long as they are willing, lol! He'll wear ya out with his ball-playing endurance. He now knows how to bump, set, hit and serve a volleyball though. I'm telling ya'll...he's a natural.

Learning mad volleyball skillz from this crazy bunch!
 -He loves going to Story Hour at the Library...I think he likes the tradition of going to play at the park afterwards even better :) He LOVES the swing!
Playing at the Library. Puzzles suited him just fine until he spotted the kid's computer!
-He talks SOOOO well. His vocabulary is ever-expanding and he asks questions alllllll the time. Mommy, why? Mommy, what you do-nin? Mommy, where you go-nin? Mommy, mom, momma, mommy, mom! Hahaha. He just amazes me with how much he understands and observes and REMEMBERS! Kid's got the memory of an elephant (is that how that saying goes?)... Kinda scary,!

-Here's a big life changer: Clay is now a big brother!!! Miss Oaklee Mae was born on August 26th. She is perfect and he is quite proud :) He likes to show her off to everyone we meet...I think he likes that it takes some attention off of him, lol. He has done so well with the new addition to the family. I was afraid he'd be jealous and extra-clingy to me, but if anything it's made him more independent.
He'll help me out by getting diapers and throwing them away in the trash can. He also makes sure her swing is always swinging and playing music while she's in there...He doesn't want to hold her or love on her but I do catch him rubbing on her head and checking her out a little more closely when he thinks I'm not looking. ;)

-Big boy is totally potty trained and has been for a while now. He's starting to want to pee standing up though, so it's getting a little messy but he does really well for the most part. He can now pull his own pants up and down so that's a big thing for him, too! 
 -Clay looooooves to go to Nan & Papaw's house and is a-ok with me leaving him there to play while I go to the store or if me & Eric go on a date. He even stayed all night with them a few weekends ago and didn't shed one tear! It's no wonder though, they way they spoil that boy! He's ruint, I tell ya.
-Most of his days spent around the house he's either watching Curious George, asking to watch George, or talking about the things that George! He is obsessed. The show is quite adorable though. I learn things from watching it, so I don't feel quite as guilty about letting it occupy him...okay, I do feel guilty...but it helps me out so much!

It's just amazing how our little miracle man is developing. Someone ran into us out in town the other day and was amazed with how well he's doing...they said, "well, he's just growing right out of it ain't he?!"...I'd say he is, thank God!

We have another sleep study scheduled for November 18th to see about trach decannulation. If things have improved since the last one that was done in February, the plan is to do a bronchoscope and check his airway then we will decannulate! I really feel like he doesn't need that ol' thing anymore. I think when it's gone, he'll thrive even more. Hopefully with the eating-by-mouth-situation, especially! He is getting more and more interested in food but still doesn't like textures. I can imagine trying to swallow chunks of food with a trach in would make a person gag and have an aversion, though. So my fingers and toes are crossed for trach decannulation in a couple months! Say a prayer for us, y'all.

We're having Mr. Clayton Cash a birthday party at Nan & Papaw's house on Sunday around 3. We're doing a little costume party, so Clay will be dressing up as George...I put together a Man in the Yellow Hat costume for Eric too, lol! We'll have chili and hotdogs and birthday cake, and will be doing a hayride with Papaw's tractor...Clay is so excited about it! Come on out and join us!

So, so thankful for another year with this precious boy. He is such a joy.
Year #2 was a fantastic year... I think year #3 will be even better :)

Lots of love to you all, dear friends! XoXOXo

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A giant, rambling update about the past 4 months!

I'm a little ashamed that it's been 4 months since I've updated Clay's blog. But, I did just realize there was an entry from December that I started writing that didn't get posted..(!)

So, let's just pretend we're in December and this is what has been happening:
Clay's bronchoscope procedure he had last month went well...airways were open & clear, still evidence of immaturity, but nothing out of the 'normal' so we were free to go home a couple hours later

We had a follow-up appointment this past week and were given the okay to down-size his trach (he's at a 4.5, with plans to move to a 4.0 soon) and we were also told to start plugging trials. A couple hours during his awake time, we plug his trach so it's not being used at all. He has done very well with this! Coughing is different for him and freaks him out a little, but I think he'll get used to it. I also think it will be easier when the trach is out of his airway all together. We're waiting to hear our appointment date for a sleep study, which should be happening this month...but with the holidays so close, it may be next year before that happens. Either way's fine...They just want to observe Clay sleeping with his trach plugged before decannulation. If the sleep study looks good, we will have an overnight PICU stay so he can be observed without the trach at all!!!! NO TRACH! Hallelujah! or "Alllelullla", as Clay says ;)

Since we've been plugging his trach, we get to hear his voice quite a lot. All his grunts and squeals and funny words.. what Joyful, Joyful noises they are!

Still no real progress on the eating-by-mouth-objective. It's just been hard for me to get on board with the techniques we've been using, mainly the bribery. With our weekly speech therapy sessions, we will sit at the table with paper & markers (the boy loves to draw), and we tell him if he wants to draw, he has to take a bite of the food (which is usually yogurt or something with that thin consistency)...Clay will eventually take a bite (and by bite I mean he will lick the back of the spoon, with mouth wide open), then he'll make an awful face and then finally get to draw with the marker he chose. We'll do this five or six times until he's had enough. I just hate the fact that he's not enjoying it. I want it to be something he enjoys, but I don't really have any alternative suggestions. If any of my special-needs momma friends want to suggest something that worked for them, please let me know!

We are making some progress with physical therapy...I can tell he's getting stronger everyday. He actually stood up completely on his own a couple of weeks ago...In the middle of his room, he just stood straight up and then stood there unassisted for a good minute or so! It's not happened since but my mom & dad were there to witness it, so I've got proof. He's still got some hip-strengthening to do, but it won't be long til he's walking. Another huge thing for him is that he's been getting on his knees! He will get in crawling stance, but then will sit back down and scoot on his bottom. Hey, we'll take what we can get :)
End of December post

Now, fast-forward to March 13, 2014 and here's what's been happening!:

One of the things that I'm most happy about is the fact that Clay is gaining weight!! He's really filling out and I can just imagine every tissue in his body getting healthier and stronger. He's up to 29lbs now!! He was at 23.5lbs before his Nissen Fundoplication surgery back in October, so I'm sooooooo soooooo relieved to see those extra 5lbs on his bones. You can just tell he has much more strength all around, but especially in his legs. He's not walking independently just yet but it's not 'cause he can't, it's 'cause he won't. Lil turkey just needs more confidence and he'll be walking everywhere. We traded in our gait trainer for a walker in physical therapy, so he has a little walker he uses to get places. It's so stinkin cute.

Another praise for my big boy: he's doing so well with the potty training! He is very enthusiastic to go pee pee in the seems half of my day is spent in the bathroom, lol. He does have occasional accidents when he has on his undies or pull-ups, but he does perfect when he's running around naked. He has used the big potty a couple times here at home, but doesn't want to use the big potty anywhere else just yet. Regardless, I'm so proud of him! Our diaper usage has dropped dramatically... just in time for another one!!

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that news--Clay's gonna be a big brother!!!!!!! I'm about 16 weeks along right now, and we are very excited! We go in a couple weeks for an ultrasound to find out the sex and take a peek at how things are brewing. We found out about Clay's CDH at my 18 week ultrasound, so to say I'm a bit anxious is an understatement, but I've been trying my best not to stress about it. There's only a 2% chance of CDH reoccurring, so we've been saying lots of prayers for a perfectly healthy baby. I've just got a feeling it's a girl, so I'm excited to see if I'm right ;)

Okay, now back to Clay-news...
So, as far as the trach decannulation saga goes: after the bronchoscope and downsizing of the trach to a 4.0, we stayed overnight for a sleep study back in February (on Valentine's Day!). The purpose was to observe him overnight with his trach plugged, meaning it's completely closed off so he couldn't breathe in or out through his trach at all. This is not something we ever do while he's sleeping, so I was anxious to see how he'd tolerate it. Well, the sleep study went leaps & bounds better than I thought it would. They had the awfullest amount of electrodes hooked up to him and that sensor across his lip and those belts around his belly... I figured he'd be tearing them off and restless all night, but he fell asleep relatively quickly and slept okay throughout the night. He is such a well mannered and content little man, I don't know why I doubt him, lol!
I hated not having any monitors in the room with us because I couldn't see how he was doing number-wise! But I asked the RT a couple times and he said his oxygen levels were in the low 90's the majority of the time, so that was good news. Our wake-up call came at 5:30am that next morning, so we were both kinda grumpy when that happened, but hopeful for good results.
Buttttttt, it's not looking so promising as of now.
We had a follow-up appointment with the pulmonologist at the sleep clinic today, which also happens to be the same doctor we've seen regularly in the pulmonary clinic for the past year. So when he asked me, "who do you normally see over in the clinic?", I wasn't too happy to reply, "umm, you do". Granted, we have seen a different doctor before, but he didn't remember THE Clayton Cash?!?! Ha! All jokes aside, I feel like we should have a closer relationship to Clay's pulmonologist than we do currently and I've felt this for a while, but this visit today confirmed as much. Maybe I'm just being bitter about the results he gave too, I don't know. I just have a lot of questions and I'm about to start rambling (even more), so bear with me...
So, the results from the sleep study showed that Clay's oxygen saturation levels were average 93%, which is good. But he desatted a few times throughout the night, spending a total of 20 minutes below 90. Turns out, those desats came when Clay was in his REM stage of sleep. So, the doctor explained to me that those are apnea episodes, more specifically, most of them were hypopnea episodes. So in the hypopnea episodes Clay doesn't necessarily stop breathing all together, he just breathes more shallow & slowly which would cause his oxygen levels to drop. According to the charts he gave me, during Clay's total sleep time he had 4 episodes of obstructive sleep apnea and 34 episodes of hypopnea. Nearly 40 apnea episodes throughout the night, when I have never been concerned with Clay's sleeping patterns? It's just kinda crazy to me...
After a good ol' Google search tonight, I read that hypopnea episodes could be caused by partial obstructions in the airway....welllll, wouldn't a plugged trach be considered a partial obstruction in the airway?! Makes sense to me. Not to mention, the RT on duty that night in the sleep study had a very hard time getting the electrodes to pick up on Clay's noggin. He even told me that they may not get accurate readings of his sleep stages because he was having such a time with them. Of course, I'm remembering all of this now, after I nodded my head in agreement with the doctor earlier and had no questions at the end of the appointment....
I don't mean to discredit his concerns at all--Lord knows I don't want the trach to come out too soon and cause undo stress to Clay! What he explained to me makes perfect sense, but it's all a new concept and I need time to process, I guess... (This blog really helps with that, ha). There's just a lot of questions I have about all this if anyone out there has any advice or insights for me, I welcome it with open arms!
We also discussed possibly putting him back on supplemental oxygen at night. His sats are usually in the low 90's...Like right now, he's satting 91% while he sleeps. Those aren't bad numbers, but because of his history of pulmonary hypertension and everything else, I've often wondered if we shouldn't help him out a little. So, we're looking into getting the oxygen concentrator back and I'm totally advocating for that. (Our med supply company came and picked up the ventilators and the oxygen concentrator a couple of months maybe I jumped the gun on the Os!).

There's lots more I probably should include in this update but it's 1am and I can hardly hold my eyes open, so I'm gonna call it quits. Maybe I can get around to a post with cute pics and more fun stuff next time...I'll TRY to not wait 4 months, ha!

Peace & Love, dear friends! We love you all!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My two year-old Clay.

I know it's been foreveerrrr since I last updated--I forget a lot of people only check my blog and not my Facebook posts--so I apologize (especially to you, CDH friend, Raelyn!)! But I can assure you things have been great with our big ol boy!

My last post was about Clay's puny-self after the Nissen surgery last month, while we were still in the hospital. So to catch y'all up--he ended up with a respiratory infection that left him on antibiotics for over week--we were able to finish them up at home via broviak, he was on a little extra oxygen for a week or so after we got home, but things have been fine & dandy since then!

Now that all the recovery is behind us, I am so happy that we had that Nissen wrap. Clay will still wretch occasionally but the Nissen prevents food from coming back up, so he's keeping down all his calories and is gaining weight!!! He's up to 25lbs, 8oz now...yayyy!!!! He also just acts like he feels so much better. Thinking back, I can tell now that he was probably in a lot of pain from all the reflux he was having. I was just blaming his extra-sensitive & clingy behavior to a normal toddler phase. It's just so hard to know sometimes! Thankfully, he is giving me a break from the worrying and I've just been able to watch him learn & grow.

It's just so amazing to see the world through his eyes. He notices every little thing, every new sound or sight. He'll get all excited and make this face:

(This pic was pre-haircut. Aww, I miss those curls!)
He'll click his little tongue too, to get our attention. He sure is an expressive booger.

And so thoughtful.

We celebrated Clay's 2nd birthday with a party with lots of friends & family! It was a beautiful, wonderful day.


As you can see, Clay had a good time too :)

Clay's toddler days are keeping me busy! He still scoots everywhere he needs to go, on his bottom. He's doing better about spending some time on his knees but still doesn't crawl. He can pull himself up to stand & he'll cruise along side the couch or ottoman. Boy, is he getting active. Tonight, we wallered all over the bed, doing somersaults and practicing standing on our own (he's much braver on the bed). He's making a lot of progress and will be walking on his own soon at this rate!

While we were in the hospital Clay had a barium swallow study done to make sure that when he swallows, he doesn't aspirate food into his lungs. I wasn't concerned that he was, but it's a precautionary thing they like to do before we are cleared for formal feeding therapy. He passed the swallow study, so now comes the fun part..feeding therapy! Haha, it's not really fun--it's quite frustrating actually, but I am glad we are able to start working on it. It's gonna be a long, slow, process I'm afraid. He'll lick things & take small tastes but anything with much substance will make him gag. It's a tricky thing, though...Clay's never learned to eat by mouth & with all the negative things forced upon him in his short life, I'm sure it's scary for him. I don't want to push too hard, but we have to try. Say a lil prayer for us & this process...we're sure gonna need 'em.

Clay has also learned to vocalize by plugging his trach with his finger. He doesn't particularly like to wear his PMV, so I'm just glad he's able to talk to us somehow. He loves naming people's things better than anything. For instance, he'll see my shoes by the door and he'll point to them & say 'mamma'. Or he'll see daddy's jacket hanging up & he'll point to it and say 'daddy'. I'm really trying to get him to name the actual thing instead of whose thing it is! Lol. He's such an observant little guy. He knows every car in the family and loves to talk about them, lol. A frequent conversation of ours goes like this: Clay looks out the window & says "Papa"...I say, "Papa's at work"...Clay does his sign for 'car'...and I'll say, "yep, Papa drove his car to work". Interchange Papa with Nana or Heee (Aunt C) or Hay-dee (Aunt Kd) or Eli or any other family member & that's Clay's favorite thing to talk about ;)

Last week, we had an appointment with the NICU graduate program where they tested him on all the social, cognitive, motor development and he did so great. I was so proud of him, I swear I coulda busted. Especially with the cognitive testing...when they were testing to see how his comprehension was, he went above his age & maxed out at the 3 year old level. Yes, I'm bragging. So hard. To think of allllllllll the stufffffff he's been through & his mind is still sharp as a tack. Amazing! Of course, he was behind in the gross motor skills but his fine motor skills were on point. He will catch up on his own time, I ain't a bit worried. 

He loves him some can see the concentration in his tongue & check out that form ;)


The next big thing coming up is a Bronchoscope this Thursday, the 21st. It will be yet another sedation procedure, but we have to have it done to continue on with getting the trach out. And boy, are we are ready for that! Say a prayer for good results on Thursday, please!

Speaking of getting the trach out, our CDH buddy Mason got his trach out on Halloween! He has been doing great. Thank God!

We are so blessed. Really, truly blessed and I am so humbled & thankful for where we are now. Thank you all for continuing to keep up with our lil warrior's progress. Lots of love & peace to you all! Have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday! Xoxoxo!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

At full feeds but feeling puny :(

Well the good news is, we are up to full feeds of 56ml/hr and he's doing great with that so far! His g-tube is still racked, and will have to be for another week or so, then we can work on condensing feeds into boluses.

We were hoping to be home-free today, but Clay's coughing is worrying me. He coughs and hacks and coughs and hacks, turns blue and breaks out in a clammy-sweat...I suction and suction and give saline drops and do breathing treatments. Once he's over the coughing fit, he'll huff and puff and retract and just flat out looks like he's struggling. He's been on 26% oxygen since surgery--which hasn't been totally necessary until lately. We had to bump him up to 35% this morning and he's still hanging out in the low 90's. His heart rate has been elevated over the past couple of days, too. Something's just not right. But we had chest x-rays done yesterday and they looked fine. He hasn't had a fever, either. It's just so frustrating not knowing what is causing all this and so pitiful to see him so puny. If it is something viral, something that may be lingering from our rubber-ducky incident--the cough has been lingering since then, but it's obviously taking more of a toll on him now--if it is something like that, then I'm perfectly fine with taking him home and setting up our Clay-ICU again. I'd rather have him home, where he can rest and be more comfortable...I just don't want to take him home and have to come right back! So, we will be here for another day or two until we get something figured out.

Y'all say a prayer for my lil man. This never gets any easier :(

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Wake up, Clay belly!

Praying for poop...that's what we've been doing since surgery. He finally had a decent bowel movement tonight, nothing huge, but's a start! And it was without the help of a suppository so that's good he did it all on his own.

Poor little bug has been pretty uncomfortable, both with post-op pain and his bloated-ness. His belly has been distended and so tight, he looks like a lil pot belly piggy. A very cute pot belly piggy, of course ;)

Since his bowels haven't quite awoke from surgery, we haven't been able to start feedings :( He started getting some nutrients through is IV yesterday, but that's just not the same as tummy feeds... We've actually had to drain his g-tube constantly, so that all his gastric juices and air can escape, because otherwise he wretches and is extremely uncomfortable. We've tried to rack his g-tube a couple of times, which is when we attach a 60ml syringe (sans plunger) to his feeding tube extension and suspend it above him. With this, air can escape but gastric juices stay down. Both times we've tried this, he's not tolerated it so we put it back to drain. We don't want him wretching or gagging because we want his new Nissen wrap to stay intact. Surgery team isn't concerned with his sleepy belly right now...they say sometimes these things take a while. So, we wait.

He also had a touch of a fever tonight, 99.5..and he's sounding a bit wheezy in his lungs, and he's been retracting a bit when he breathes--which could be because of his overfilled belly. I'm really hoping things aren't settling down in his lungs; his cough has been a little weak because it really hurts him to cough. Poor fella, that's the last thing we need right now.

He has perked up a bit over the past couple of days... he's felt like sitting up in bed and is enjoying reading his books again..we took a lil wagon ride through the halls yesterday too. He's not back to his silly, smiley self yet, but we'll get there.

Handsome man.
Gettin lots of momma lovins...I think we're both tired of hospital living :/

Thank you all--for the millionth time--for your prayers & love & concerns for our baby. Lots of love & blessings to you all! Xoxoxoxo!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Recovery days.

Things have actually worked out better than expected this time around...very unusual for us! ha!

We had surgery yesterday morning; they took Clay to the OR around 11am and he was out and in the PICU around 3pm. Dr. Draus had great news for us in consultation afterwards. It turns out, his diaphragm is still intact--no hernias anywhere! Thank goodness! The reason his x-rays look like his stomach was misplaced is because the diaphragm is a bit loose on the left side. Dr. Draus decided not to tack it down or tighten it or anything because Clay has been doing so well breathing as it is, so why mess with it, right?

Dr. Draus was able to get a really good look at his handy-work and was really pleased with how well tissue has formed around the previous patching jobs. He said that he could see liver & spleen acting as a barrier between bowel & diaphragm, so it looked like bowel would have a hard time slipping up through the diaphragm even if it wanted to. Good news!

So, the diaphragm didn't need repairing after all...and we're hoping the loose-ness of it will allow for more room for Clay to grow & another repair won't be necessary for a long, long time!

The Nissen Fundoplication was done to prevent the frequent pukies that Clay was having. The Nissen wrap is a crazy concept that I have a hard time wrapping my head around, but a picture helps:

Illustration showing Nissen fundoplication
The stomach is wrapped around the esophagus and then sewn to itself to reinforce the esophageal sphincter, the muscle that keeps food & acids from backing back up into the esophagus. From what I understand, Clay will not be able to puke at all now...which I think is both a good and bad thing. Good, because maybe we can put some weight on his scrawny-tail...Bad, because even if he has a stomach bug, he won't be able to puke and sometimes puking just makes you feel better. But, puking numerous times a day everyday IS awful and since that's the situation we were in, I think the good overrides the bad.

Dr. Draus said he had to use a good portion of his stomach to wrap around the esophagus; so it will take a while for his stomach to be able to hold large amounts of food--he will have to be on a slow drip for a while. Hopefully we can start feeds in the morning.

Other than the Nissen, Clay also had a central line placed--a more permanent IV port for meds and fluids. Eric & I requested this so we could spare him from being poked so much. He is such a hard stick and poor guy had already been poked over 10 times during this little hospital stay...and it's fishing for veins almost everytime. That's just torture! We'll have that central line pulled before we leave for home, no big deal.

Clay also had his appendix removed while in surgery; Draus said it was there and in plain sight, so he just went ahead and took it Now we won't have to worry about appendicitis, I guess!

Today has been a pretty rough day of recovery. Clay's been awfully sore, but is being such a trooper. He only fusses when he coughs. Poor guy, it's a bad time to have a cough. He has only smiled a few times today so that's a good indicator he's feeling rough. I can't imagine after being cut open and having your innards rearranged I'd feel like smiling either! Hoping tomorrow will be much better for him.

I cannot thank you all enough, for your well wishes and love and prayers. The power of prayer and positive thoughts is an amazing thing! We are so, SO blessed. Seriously, we have the best people in our lives. I cannot imagine going through this without all the love and support we've felt...from the visits, to the meals, from the calls & messages, to the likes and shares and comments on Facebook.. They all really do mean a lot to me. I hope I can pay it forward one day. You all are the best <3

Lots of love & peace to you all, dear friends... Xoxoxoxo!