Sunday, August 19, 2012

An update from Clay-land :)

Just a little update to let y'all know that life around the Clay-ICU is going wonderfully!

Clay is now 24lbs and is such a chunk! I cannot believe he we be 10 months old on Friday. I guess it's about time to start planning his 1st birthday bash! ;)

Mr. Clayton Cash is developing quite the personality lately & it cracks me up! He is learning how to work us, that's for sure. Sometimes, if he's napping and I'm in another room & he wakes up and doesn't see mommy around, he'll start coughing...he knows that will make me come running! haha.
And the little monkey loves to play with his feet, especially when there's a glowing red light from the pulse-ox attached. I've learned to just turn the monitor off when he wakes up in the morning--there's no use in hearing that daggone alarm all day. He turns a lovely shade of blue if he's in trouble (which only happens very rarely).
Another thing the ornery boy is doing: he's learning to smack. The little turkey! It makes trach care so much more difficult. He'll look at me so cross sometimes and just swat at my arm, I can't help but smile at his strong willed little self.
Clay seems to have a few more grumpy spells lately, and I think it may be his teeth causing him grief. He's got two top & two bottom teefers through now & he's working on a couple more. I know they're aggravating--my wisdom teeth are coming in & I'm almost tempted to use one of Clay's teething toys...ha!
We are also really enjoying snuggle time these days. The recliner we have set up next to his crib is where we've spent a lot of time lately. I find myself feeling like I should do more developmental/stimulation stuff with him, because we do have a lot of ground to make up, but then I justify our snuggles by thinking about all the time we didn't get to do that while he was in the hospital...And I know I just need to cherish these times instead of worrying about what I should be doing or not doing. I know I'm spoiling him, but I just can't help it! He deserves ever bit of spoilin he can get ;)

Because of the cooler Fall-like temps lately, we've been able to venture outside more. Clay loves it. He just seems so intrigued by the big ol' world. We've taken a few more strolls down our little country road and we've done more front porch sittin'..we've blown bubbles & gave baths..

Scrub-a-dubbin on the porch :)

A stroll with the crew...Clay's sleeping in this pic :)
Checkin' out some foxtail..

Just hangin out...
So yeah, things are going well on the home-front. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks, we will have some therapists with the First Steps program come out & help us work on developmental issues, so that will be great for us all.
And we have some appointments at UK this Friday (his 10 month birthday!)...we'll see Dr. Draus, Clay's surgeon, & Dr. Bezold, with cardiology...both are just check-ups, but he'll have xrays & an ECHO done, so be praying for good results. I'll let y'all know how they go!

Much, MUCH love & peace & blessings to you all!

What a little goober! :D