Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Home, sweet home...

I am so very happy to report we are doing well at home!!

We are still trying to get settled and trying to find places for all of the medical equipment & supplies that threw up in our living room ;) ..But we are enjoying every minute of having our boy home with us. I just feel so complete now that he's here. is sooooo amazing!!!!
Clay has been happy as a lark--he is just the best baby. I was afraid our house might be too quiet for him, since he has been used to the noisy NICU for the past 8 months...and I was kinda afraid he might be scared of all the new things out here in the big ol' world...but he has just been taking it all in, just as content as can be! Man oh man, we are so blessed.

I believe he enjoyed our first outing in the big city of Irvine today, to meet with our pediatrician this afternoon. Everyone there at the clinic was so accommodating & just amazing. We were let in the back door, so that we didn't come in contact with yucky waiting room germs...our room had a "Reserved for Clay" sign on it, and had been disinfected especially for sweet?! Of course, Clay had to win over a few more ladies there ;) He's such a flirt!

Can I just say how incredibly humbled I feel?! I cannot say 'thank you' enough! You guys absolutely astound me with your love and support for our family and we are so honored to be a part of your lives. This overwhelming, embraced feeling is exactly the way I felt 8 months ago, while all of you were rallying together in prayer for us, while Clay was on ECMO & fighting for his, we are rejoicing his homecoming and basking in the goodness of God's grace. It is so so sweet.

Now, I've got to catch a couple hours of sleep. I'm so tireeeddddddd...

Lots of peace & love & blessing to you all, from the bottom of my heart.

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