Monday, June 25, 2012

From NICU to CICU..

Just a short update before I catch a full nights rest...probably will be my last one for a long long time!

Lord willin', we will be HOME tomorrow! We've cleaned and sanitized and have worked hard the past couple days getting everything ready (with some awesome help..thanks, Mom & Dad & Chels & Eli!) :) We're so excited. A bit overwhelmed, maybe...but I'm so ready to be home and settled in with our baby boy. FINALLY!!

Like I've said before, we are about to start the second chapter of Clay's CDH story. Just because we are almost out of the ICU does not mean we are out of the woods--we are only bringing the ICU to our home. I've been calling it the CICU--Clay Intensive Care Unit :) He is on a ventilator, has numerous medicines, and is being fed through a feeding tube--they are keeping him alive.

It is so so so important we keep him healthy at home. Catching the common cold or a stomach virus would land us back in the hospital and could really turn ugly.

As much as we would like for each and every one of you to meet him, it is in Clay's best interest that we limit our visitors. He's still very fragile and his environment needs to be controlled as much as possible.  We need Clay to grow and thrive so he will be healthy enough to meet you all one day!

Please, don't be offended. We want to do what is best for Clay so we can keep him home--not in & out of the hospital. Lord knows we've seen enough of that place!

We SO appreciate everyone's support for our family. We love you all and are so very thankful for all your well wishes & prayers. Keep 'em coming, good friends!...See what they have done?!

WE'RE COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank God.

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