Monday, April 9, 2012

Surgery is 'scheduled'..

We have a date set for surgery. If everything goes well this week (fingers & toes crossed it will!!), the pediatric surgeons plan to fix Clay's diaphragm next Tuesday, the 17th. Pray for a smooth, uneventful week for us!

So far, Clay is continuing to hang steady. He had a couple of not-so-great blood gases over the weekend, so the docs had to go back up on his ventilator rate to 50. But his blood gases were good yesterday & today, so his vent rate went back down to 45. And we've been able to wean his inhaled nitric oxide to 10ppm. So we're making slow, steady progress! The main goals are to get him off the nitric this week, and to keep all infections AWAY. The docs want him to be off his antibiotics for a week before surgery (this Thursday will be a week since his last dose) please pray we can keep him infection-free!

I will be so so so so so so so glad when we get this surgery behind us and we can finally start to recover. I miss my baby so bad.

Me and Eric went home for an Easter dinner yesterday afternoon and on the way home we passed all kinds of yards with little kiddos running around, hunting eggs. I looked at them and smiled & said, "one day". One day, Clay will be well enough to go home with us. But I couldn't help but be a little sad. Going to all the holiday dinners without my baby makes me feel so empty. Half of the family has never even met Clay & he is nearly 6 months old.  But one day, it will happen...

First, we got to get through this big surgery. We need lots & lots of prayers for a strong, infection-free Clay.

Keep praying & believing!

Much love to you all.

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