Tuesday, April 24, 2012

6 months!

My big guy had a big 6 month birthday!!

His nitric oxide is turned OFF!! His chest tube is gone!!! And he's back in his big boy crib!!

We're having issues with him keeping food down, though. He's been gagging and throwing up all day. The docs turned off his feeds for the night and plan to just give his tummy a rest. They think it's just gonna take some time to wake up his digestive system after not eating for a month. Please say a prayer that all the kinks get worked out and he can tolerate his feedings again.

Aside from that issue, everything else is going really well! Dr. Draus, our surgeon, came by tonight and said he's very very pleased with his progress. He said he's relieved the feeding issue is all we're dealing with one week post-op. What a difference a week makes!

We're making progress weaning the morphine..but we still have a ways to go. Send Mr. Clay your positive thoughts and vibes while he's coming off the drugs. He's not been resting very well the past couple of days...I guess the lil guy just don't want to miss a thing after being out for an entire month!

I'm feeling so thankful for my sweet baby's 6 month birthday. Love that little turkey so stinkin' much..

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  1. I have just recently been able to get myself to read others blogs. Our sons are only a day apart in age. It's a shame I didn't fin your blog sooner. I am so happy to hear about how well he is doing since his second repair. The wean is so hard. I will pray it goes smoothly and Clay remains comfortable. What a darling boy! Wishing you all the best!

    God Bless,
    Mommy to Jacob (RCDH)