Monday, April 30, 2012

Another surgery tomorrow..

Clay has been doing so incredibly well! He just smiles and smiles and smiles all day long. He acts like he feels so good..and I can imagine with all he's been through lately, he does!

His morphine is weaned all the way down to 95 (it was at 410, less than 2 weeks ago)! And we can't even tell he's being weaned! Last go-round with the morphine, he would get the shakes and throw the awfulest fits. But he has handled this like a champ! So so thankful for more answered prayers.

And he's tolerating feeds again..we've slowly worked our way back up to 20mL/hour of continuous feeds. He's still not at the full feed amount, so he's still getting TPN fluids and lipids through his subclavian central IV line...

...well, the subclavian central line is not very permanent and our surgeons are afraid that the line will go out soon, because it's been in for two weeks already. And we really need that IV line because he's getting all his many meds, fluids, lipids through it.

So this morning during rounds, our surgeons decided it's a good time to put in a Broviak (a more permanent IV) and to go ahead and put in the G-tube (a feeding tube that inserts directly into the stomach).. TOMORROW!

So here we go with another surgery...not nearly as invasive or risky as the repair surgery done two weeks ago, but it's another surgery all the same. They all have risks..with infections, bleeding, anesthetics, etc. So please say a prayer for another successful day tomorrow.

I knew we would be facing another surgery day, but I'm kind of bummed it's happening now that Clay is back to his happy smiling self. But I know it really is a good time to do it...

This way, we can wean him off all the drugs and start feeding him through his G-tube, then we can get him on a home vent and go HOME!!! I'm optimistic that day is not too far down the road :)

Clay looks pleased with that plan, see:


  1. Oh my goodness, he's gorgeous! What a cute smile. :-) I pray he continues to do well.

  2. Bless his little heart. I know it's been a real hard time for you all but, hopefully with his continued great progress you all can go home soon. I'll be praying for all of you and the surgery tomorrow. God Bless you all..

  3. He's an angel sent directly from heaven to your waiting arms. I pray all this ends for you guys soon.

  4. Hannah, I have never met you or your husband, but I feel like I have gotten to know your special little family through your blogs. I cry like a baby each time I read one, both happy and sad tears. You have given me many reasons to be thankful and to feel blessed when I'm having a hard time seeing it. You are an inspiration to many people and a much stronger person than I believe I would be if I were in your shoes. I will continue to pray for Clay and for all of the family that he will be home soon.
    My sister-in-law works at UK Children's Hospital and even though she isn't on Clay's team, she is well aware of who he is. She says he is one tough little guy!