Thursday, April 5, 2012

A good little update...

Clay looks so good today! He is not nearly as swollen and puffy, thanks to the diuretic..he's been peeing like a racehorse :) It's SO good to see him look so much better.
...The docs weaned his nitric oxide to 18ppm yesterday and he didn't seem notice, so they weaned to 16 today. So far so good! :) Pray he can keep it up and they can wean even more!
...His blood gas analyses have been good! His CO2 levels have been low enough to wean on his vent settings. His rate is down from 50 to 40! AND he's on 38% oxygen :)
...X-rays are looking much better. It looks like that left lung is opening back up, and it appears that his stomach is in good placement (although that is debatable by some docs)..either way, Clay is kickin' butt!

If he keeps this up, hopefully surgery will happen soon. Continue to pray that Clay will let everyone know when he is good 'n ready.

There is no doubt in my mind all our thoughts & prayers are being heard..and they are working! Please keep them coming..

Much love and thanks to you all!

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