Monday, October 22, 2012

Prayers for the J tube placement today..

We're not sure what time Clay will be going down to X-ray to try to have the J tube put back in, but we're hoping soon!

They'll have to give him some anesthesia to keep him still for the procedure. We're hoping they are successful, if so, we could go home this evening. The last time--back in April or May--when they tried to put the J tube in with X-ray, they were not able to get it in.

So, if they're not successful today, it will be a trip to the OR tomorrow. Which leads to the question of going ahead with the surgery to fix the problem with his stomach...which would mean a more major surgery and longer recovery and longer hospital stay..which would mean being here on his 1st birthday :( booooo.

So, friends, please say a lil prayer they can successfully put in the J tube under X-ray today and we can skip on out of here tonight! That's sure what I'm hoping for..

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