Saturday, October 20, 2012

A birthday bash & a trip to UK...wouldn't ya know!

Welllllll...eventful day to say the least!

While loading Clay in his carseat to go to the big bash, we accidentally yanked out his GJ tube. After initial panic, Eric and I managed to get a tube back in.. So, we trooped on & partied anyways! Clay is such a good sport.

Now, we're sitting in the ER at UK waiting to be admitted for a couple days...the 'J' part of GJ tubes have to be put back in under fluoroscopy--so we'll be getting some IV fluids until Monday, then we'll have the J tube replaced, them hopefully we'll be outta here! *Knock on wood we don't catch any bugs again!!*

Wouldn't ya know this would happen on a day like today, lol. I'm just thankful it wasn't anything too emergent & we got to enjoy the birthday bash anyways! We had a big turn out, with lots of friends and family & food.
I know one thing, Mr. Clayton Cash sure has some amazing people in his life. And he sure is one loved little boy.

A BIG, BIG 'thank you' to everyone who came and celebrated our special little man. It's been a memorable day, for sure!

Lots of love to you all!

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  1. wish we could have been there but my boys took me out to eat for my birthday.... we love you all... and tell clay happy birthday from us....