Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We are liking the trach!

Clay had his first trach change yesterday. Our pediatric surgeon did the change this first time and I was able to stay and watch. It looked really simple and made me feel better about doing this on my own one day. Clay handled it like a champ. He had a little 'morphine-versed cocktail' to help him out!

Since the first trach change went well, we are now free to hold our little man again! And better yet, we are able to really cuddle..the trach makes it so much easier! Last night I had him snuggled up on my chest and he fell right to sleep. I think he liked cuddle time as much as mommy did ;)

Clay also got moved into a big boy bed..a crib!! We've been able to put him in his little boppy pillow so he can sit up and look around. He also got to use his pillow for some tummy time. I'm sure that felt weird after lying on his back for the past 7 weeks!

We're still on the morphine IV drip, but he should come off of it either tomorrow or Friday. Yay! We also made it back up to full feeding amount of 30mL/hr and we're even trying something a little different now. The nurses call it bolus feeding..He takes 90mL over a 2 hour period, then his feeds are turned off for an hour..he'll do this during the day then he's put back on continuous feeds through the night. Hopefully we can get him on a good feeding schedule that will be easy for us to handle at home too.

We are continuing to move in the right direction, thank the Good Lord! No official talk of going home just yet, but we're hoping it won't be too long!

I've got a favor to ask all you fine people reading..please say a little prayer for our friend Mason. He is nearly 4 months old and also has CDH. He is in the same nursery as Clay, so they've gotten to be good buddies ;) They've been trying to get Mason home by Christmas but infections are setting him back. Pray his little body will get stronger and heal so he can go home where he belongs. He's a sweet lil guy and so tough, just like Clay! His momma's sweet too and I admire her strength for all they've been through. This CDH thing is no walk in the park!
There are lots of sick babies in the NICU..I think I heard a nurse say there are 64 babies in there right now, so say a prayer for all of them and their families. And be thankful for the healthy is so easy to take good health for granted.

Thank you all again for your love and support..I just can't say it enough!!!!! Peace and love and blessings to all of y'all!!

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  1. I seen your video on Facebook that my friend posted. Clay has touched my heart!!! He is very handsome!!!! I will be praying for you and your family!!!!! Best wishes and happy holidays!!!