Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy Trach Day, Baby Clay!

Today was yet another big day for our sweet baby.  He was wheeled off to the operating room this morning to have a tracheostomy.  I think I was more anxious for this surgery than his repair surgery—even though a tracheostomy is way more routine!  The surgery took about an hour & the pediatric surgeon said everything went very well! I’m so thankful for our awesome surgeon—we really feel like Clay’s in the best of hands with him.

I’m not gonna lie, it was kind of scary seeing Clay after surgery.  The ventilator tubes entering into his neck is just so unnatural. Then again, so is everything else we’ve been through thus far.  I know we’ll get used to this scene with time, just as we have everything else.  Clay was coming off his anesthesia when we first got to see him, and he seemed to snap out of it pretty quick.  Our little man is quite the wildcat! He kicks his little legs & swats his arms just like he’s throwing punches...haha! But seeing how fragile his new airway site is, they don’t want him to pull out his tubes or anything, so they’re keeping him comfortable & calm with morphine and  versed.  Little man’s gotta be feisty to have made it through all he’s been through! 

It is sooooooo good to see Clay’s entire face! His little cheeks are in for it...momma’s gonna be eatin’ them up!  I believe I spotted a dimple in one of them earlier ; ) He is such a handsome baby. I am so proud.

One thing I can’t believe I forgot to mention in yesterday’s blog:  this tracheostomy is one step closer to HOME!!!!!!   We can get a home ventilator & I can learn trach care and be Clay’s nurse in our own home!  Considering things go well, it may be possible within a month or so?!  Regardless of when we get to go, I am just thankful ‘home’ is on the radar at all.  

Again, thank you all for standing by us today! Your prayers & good vibes have helped get us over yet another hurdle. 


  1. Hannah, he is so beautiful!! Such a handsome little man, so glad to hear the surgery went well. We are all praying for you guys, thank you so much for updating us even with all you have going on. :) One step closer to home!

  2. Congratualations on another successful surgery!

  3. You all have such a BEAUTIFUL little boy. I am incredibly moved by the Strength your little family has. You all are truly a Inspiration to young and older parents that are struggling with their babies having problems at birth. Your story truly makes you look at your family and appreciate them even more. As I read your blog I was so Amazed at the Faith, Strength, Positivity and Endurance you have during Little Clay's hurdles. Your family has touched my heart, and you all will forever be in my prayers, God Bless B-)