Saturday, December 10, 2011

Recovery Time

Clay has been doing well since his tracheostomy on Tuesday! The goal for the week has been to keep him calm and comfortable so his new trach site can heal nicely.

Eric and I haven't been able to hold him since surgery, so that's been kinda hard. We've been told the pediatric surgeons will wait a week until they do his first trach change, so I'm expecting that to happen come Tuesday. After that, I hope we can start to enjoy this thing a little more!

The nurses warned us that the first week of recovery would be rough--and it does seem to be sort of a set back right now. He was put back on a morphine drip through his IV to help with post-op pain. Now, they're trying to wean him from it a little everyday. We've already weaned him off of this before, so we know what to expect. It's pitiful to watch our little man go through withdraws as his body adjusts to going without the pain med..he gets quite fussy and will throw himself some fits. Poor little guy will cry so hard he turns purple, then he'll break out in a cold sweat and sometimes get the shakes. I feel so bad seeing him like this and not being able to pick him up and comfort him. But it won't be long! I know one thing, Clayton Cash is a tough cookie and I'm so proud of him.

Another small 'set back' has been getting him back up to his full feed amount of 30mL/hr. The day after surgery, the docs put him back on 5mL/hr to slowly wake up his gut after being so sedated. They've been able to get back up to 20mL/hr now, so we're getting close! Once he's tolerating full feeds again, maybe we can get goin' on trying to feed him orally.

He's sure been taking his pacifier way better than I expected! I'm going to try to post a cute video of him sucking like a champ:) I hope this is a good sign that he'll do well when it comes time for him to try the bottle.

I really do think Clay will be a much happier baby after this recovery period. I'm eager to get through it too! Keep us in your prayers..we appreciate them so SO much!!

Here's the video: (Notice the sweet music in the background...Auntie Chels hooked him up with some awesome tunes, and he loves them :)

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