Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nissen surgery postponed..

Clay was scheduled to have the Nissen Fundoplication surgery this coming Tuesday, January 29th. I've been dreading it more and more everyday...both the actual procedure, but more so for the 7-10 day recovery in the PICU (or more, knowing how things usually go with Mr. Clay-bug).
With the flu and RSV and all these nasty bugs going around, it's no place for a baby with lots of medical issues to be, unless absolutely necessary. So I ended up emailing our surgeon yesterday and told him of my concerns--he agreed, and we've rescheduled for March 12th.
So, I'm relieved for the moment. But it's got me feelin' like a college student again...when the professor pushes back a deadline for a big report, then you dread it even more in the end. Regardless, I think it's a better choice for Clay. He's thriving at home, no issues with his GJ feedings (*knock on wood*) would probably be crazy to bring a child like Clay into the hospital for a non-emergent surgery at this time of the year.
Y'all please say a prayer this works out for the best and that Clay will continue to thrive and stay healthy. He's still hammin' it up around here--we are so thankful for his sweet smiley face.
Thank y'all for keeping up with us...we appreciate the support more than you'll ever know!
Here's a few pictures of the silly boy:

Him's bad to the bone..

Big boy in the tub!

Reckon it's time for a haircut?
Lots of love & peace to you all!


  1. :) looking good and good looking out mom!

  2. Eric and Hannah....
    I have visited several Bloggers lately whose babies were born with CDH.... One of my birth defects. I feel such a strong, palpable connection to these children!! Their faces.... Their stories.... I cannot get these children out of my mind!! So. Prayers for continued health abound all around.... ;)

  3. Eric and Hannah....
    Happy Valentine's Day!! ;-D