Sunday, January 1, 2012

...and a Happy New Year!

Wellllll, Clay continues to do so very well! The docs have not made any significant changes over the past couple weeks—he did finally come off his morphine dosage, though. Yay!  These days, Clay is so so so much happier!  He’s been showing off his cute little dimples more & more, melting hearts everytime! ;)
I am SO excited to get him home—golllleeee, that boy will be so ruint! I just hope and pray our days at home continue to be as uneventful as they have been lately.  He does have some spells, but we’re learning what to do to make him happy. I’m getting so much more comfortable caring for his trach & being around all that equipment. I believe we’re about ready :)
Hopefully, home is only a couple weeks away! Mid-January seems to be what we’re going for.  I caught wind that the home vent could be in as early as Tuesday!  Once he’s transitioned onto the home vent, they want to move us to a private room on the PICU side and do a ‘care-by-parent’ trial for 4 or 5 days.  That way we can get the hang of taking care of him on our own, but still be supervised.  If everything goes well…we’re HOME FREE!!!
Eric & I have been trying to get things ready, so we have a lot of work to do! Cleaning & sanitizing evvvverrrrryyythinnggg is at the top of the list.  I know we have LOTS of people who want to meet the lil feller, but we just won’t be able to have visitors for a while—Clay’s little immune system is too vulnerable, especially with it being cold & flu season.  One day, he will be completely healthy & able to meet all you fine people, though—just wait! 
The first day of 2012; another year lived, another one awaiting! My, oh my, what a year 2011 was.  All of life’s big events seemed to hit us at once.  I graduated college, we got a new(er) car, Eric got a good steady job, we got pregnant, we bought a house, Clay came in October, and now here we are! It was a whirl-wind of a year, to say the least…FULL of blessings!  We learned in June that Clay would be born with CDH.  Soon after, I found this bible verse & have repeated it over and over in my head so many times this year:

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer,” Romans 12:12.

I hope it can bring someone else the comfort it’s brought me this year. 

I am SO looking forward to see the blessings 2012 will bring to my family. I hope & pray the New Year brings good health, happiness & peace to all of you! 

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  1. I've been following Clay's progress through facebook posts by friends. I just wanted to let you know that my oldest son was a preemie who had various medical issues at birth. The hospital stay brought many of the same challenges Clay has faced. We brought him home trached (though not ventilated), with a g-tube and on oxygen. All that to say that YOU CAN HANDLE IT ALL!!! Being there to see how the nurses/doctors handle his care is so important. Just remember that you know him better than anybody and that means you can take care of him better, too! He's a lucky little man to have such a loving mommy and daddy! Keep up the good work and keep leaning on the Lord. He will carry you through. Prayers for continued improvement and a quick homecoming!