Saturday, October 5, 2013

Wake up, Clay belly!

Praying for poop...that's what we've been doing since surgery. He finally had a decent bowel movement tonight, nothing huge, but's a start! And it was without the help of a suppository so that's good he did it all on his own.

Poor little bug has been pretty uncomfortable, both with post-op pain and his bloated-ness. His belly has been distended and so tight, he looks like a lil pot belly piggy. A very cute pot belly piggy, of course ;)

Since his bowels haven't quite awoke from surgery, we haven't been able to start feedings :( He started getting some nutrients through is IV yesterday, but that's just not the same as tummy feeds... We've actually had to drain his g-tube constantly, so that all his gastric juices and air can escape, because otherwise he wretches and is extremely uncomfortable. We've tried to rack his g-tube a couple of times, which is when we attach a 60ml syringe (sans plunger) to his feeding tube extension and suspend it above him. With this, air can escape but gastric juices stay down. Both times we've tried this, he's not tolerated it so we put it back to drain. We don't want him wretching or gagging because we want his new Nissen wrap to stay intact. Surgery team isn't concerned with his sleepy belly right now...they say sometimes these things take a while. So, we wait.

He also had a touch of a fever tonight, 99.5..and he's sounding a bit wheezy in his lungs, and he's been retracting a bit when he breathes--which could be because of his overfilled belly. I'm really hoping things aren't settling down in his lungs; his cough has been a little weak because it really hurts him to cough. Poor fella, that's the last thing we need right now.

He has perked up a bit over the past couple of days... he's felt like sitting up in bed and is enjoying reading his books again..we took a lil wagon ride through the halls yesterday too. He's not back to his silly, smiley self yet, but we'll get there.

Handsome man.
Gettin lots of momma lovins...I think we're both tired of hospital living :/

Thank you all--for the millionth time--for your prayers & love & concerns for our baby. Lots of love & blessings to you all! Xoxoxoxo!


  1. Hannah....
    You are praying for poop? I am now, as well!! I'm glad that Clay experienced a small bowel movement!! And on his own sans any help!! ;)
    I am sorry that poor little Clay has been uncomfortable and his tummy is distended!! Praying for healing/recovery!! ;)
    "Surgery team isn't concerned with his sleepy belly right now...they say sometimes these things take a while. So, we wait.". Ah. But waiting is so hard!! Hang in there. Clay is one resilient little dude!! God will improve things!! ;)
    I am praying for overall physical healing concerning Clay!! That God heal his little body, and you avoid any chest issues!! ;)