Sunday, September 16, 2012

Back in the big city :/

Well we've had an eventful few days to say the least..

In my last blog, I was excited that our doc discontinued some of Clays meds: diuril, sodium chloride, and potassium chloride. We had to have a BMP drawn this past Wednesday to make sure his electrolyte levels weren't missing the supplements.
Well, Wednesday evening we got the call to come to the ER at UK because his sodium, potassium and chloride levels were really, really low. And they told us to expect to stay a few days while they lined everything out.

So we got to the ER Wednesday evening and was admitted into PICU that night. Thankfully, Clay was pretty much asymptomatic of all of his diagnoses: hyponatremia, hypochloremia, hypokalemia..except for sweating like crazy and being a little more restless. It's a wonder it wasnt much worse, considering how low his electrolyte levels were.

So we spent two nights in PICU while they supplemented him with sodium and potassium and had labs drawn every 6 hours to check the levels in his blood..they didn't want to make the levels rise too fast b/c that could be even more serious.
Can just I say how bad it SUCKS to watch your baby get poked with a needle every 6 hours?! And this wasn't a little poke, it was fishing every time. His little vessels are very hard to find b/c he's so chubby, so almost every time he had to be stuck 2-3 times until they found a good one. It was pitiful!

On Friday, once all the levels were relatively normal, we got the go ahead to be discharged home, giving sodium supplements every 8 hours. And with a follow-up appointment and blood work on Monday.

While we were packing up to head home, I noticed his heart rate being a little higher than usual--up around 170s, where it's usually 150s-160s..but he was cranky and tired, so I thought maybe that was causing it.
No sooner than we got home, he started getting a fever and his heart rate got even higher to 180s. I gave him some Tylenol and it made him feel better.
He slept good overnight but woke up working really hard to breathe, on like 3 liters of oxygen (usually on .5-1 liter), secretions thick, a fever, high heart rate, and a rash on his arms. I gave him more Tylenol and it brought down his fever and heart rate but Eric and I decided to bring him back over to the ER, just to make sure an infection (or worse) wasn't causing all the hoopla.

So we brought him back--and once we got to the ER, the show was on. A rectal temp of 104, heart rate was 205, on 6 liters of was not feeling good. They immediately have a bolus of fluids and Motrin and Tylenol and shot an X-ray too.
Thankfully, within the hour, he was feeling a million times better. And the doctor said X-rays look good--whew.

So we were admitted to PICU again yesterday afternoon, and now, here we set.

They've done all kinds of cultures to check for viruses and infections, and are giving him some antibiotics too, just to be safe. He's felt a lot better since we got here in the PICU. No more fevers or high heart rates.

The plan is to give him another 24 hours of antibiotics then we may go home tomorrow..

Poor baby bug has had a rough week, but once all of this is lined out, he's liable to feel like a brand new man.

Y'all send some prayers and good vibes to Clay-bug.. We wanna go back home to the hills and enjoy some Fall weather!!

Love & peace to you all!

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  1. Thinking of you guys. Sorry that Clay had to have another hiccup to send you into hospital. Being back in ICU after you've made it home is pretty yucky, eh?! Hope you're peacefully back at home now.
    Mama to Samuel, lcdh, Feb1/11