Sunday, March 11, 2012

20 weeks & counting.

Well, sorry it’s been a while since my last update—we haven't had a lot to report.  We are still in the hospital! We had another home vent trial last Wednesday, and the thing still can’t sense Clay’s self-initiated breaths, so we still can’t get home.  But Clay’s pulmonologist was happy with how his lungs sounded—even stronger than last week.  So, he recommended trying to wean his settings on the hospital vent and get him closer to coming off the ventilator all together.  They’re doing the weaning slowly, so hopefully he won’t notice the changes too much.  And in the meantime, we’ll do home vent trials every week or so, just to see if it will work for him. Y’all keep praying for him—for a strong diaphragm & strong lungs! I KNOW the boy’s got a strong will ;)

Thinking back a couple of months, to when we originally thought we were going home—and how much me & Eric have learned, and how much Clay has grown & gotten better—really makes me realize there’s a reason we are still in the hospital.  I know we’ll get home when everyone is good ‘n ready.  This springtime weather is sure making me homesick, though.  I’ve taken a day or two ‘off’ lately to come home and enjoy it.

Like today—I couldn’t miss my Grandpa’s 75th birthday dinner—so after spending some time with Clay this morning, I came home to the hills this afternoon.  I had my radio blaring, listening to the second half of the Cats game on my way home. Dang, what a bummer game!  But, I’ll gladly take a loss now and a NCAA championship title in a few weeks ;) With my windows down & the sun shining bright, my spirits were still high. And I got to spend some time with my family—who I’ve barely seen the past few months.

A ‘normal’ Sunday at my Grandma & Grandpa’s did my heart good. I got to eat some of Grandma’s awesome cookin’: bbq ribs, soup beans, turnips & greens (SO much better than the JUNK I eat while I’m in Lexington).  I took a walk and got muddy, I passed baseball in the front yard with Eric (in my barefeet!), I stink like a dog...and boy, does it feels good! :) The whole day, I was just imagining a little silly boy named Clay right beside me.  I cannot wait til he can join us! He is going to have so much fun out here in the country...he don't know what he's missin'!

Even though 20 weeks sounds like a long time to be in the hospital, it has went by quick.  And in the grand scheme of things, these few months won’t be nothing.  The love & support & prayers we've felt through it all continues to amaze me & makes it that much easier for us all.

Clay says Hi! :)

--Lots of Peace & Love to you all!

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  1. I was reading your blog and its very inspirational. Children like yours are the reason I decided to change careers and become a NICU nurse. I'll keep you in my prayers and trust you all will continue to be blessed with increasing health.